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Identification and Mapping of Linear Antibody Epitopes in Human Serum Albumin Using High-Density Peptide Arrays

Figure 4

Example of mean Rq-ratio.

The figure shows two examples using the Rq-values. Figure 4a shows residue 510–527 in the HSA sequence (top row) a sequence containing the epitope important residues LEVDETYV identified by Tukey’s HSD. Figure 4b shows residue 317 to residue 338 containing the epitope important residues DEMPADLP-LAADFVESKD. The column below each HSA residue lists the Rq-values calculated in each of the 15 overlapping peptides in which the residue is represented. Rq values from peptides with no positions identified by Tukey’s HSD test are set as non significant (NS) in the figure. The color indicates the size of the Rq value; darker color indicates higher Rq values.

Figure 4