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Identification and Mapping of Linear Antibody Epitopes in Human Serum Albumin Using High-Density Peptide Arrays

Figure 1

Image of array.

A small section of the peptide array used for identification and fine specificity mapping of HSA epitopes: The section shows approximately 300 of the total 220.428 peptide fields in this array. The peptides were synthesized in predefined, addressable fields generated by 2×2 mirrors on the DMD each measuring 10×10 µm resulting in peptide fields with the size 20×20 of µm. The peptide fields were spaced by 10 µm wide empty zones. Binding of polyclonal rabbit anti-HSA antibody to the fields was recorded by fluorescence microscopy after incubation with Cy3-conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG.

Figure 1