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Combined Flow Cytometric Analysis of Surface and Intracellular Antigens Reveals Surface Molecule Markers of Human Neuropoiesis

Figure 1

Experimental outline.

Schematic illustrating the research strategy of identifying novel surface marker combinations on a target population in neural and other stem cell differentiation systems for which intracellular, standard immunocytochemical markers are well established. Following harvesting, the resulting single cell suspension is subject to surface antigen candidate staining, followed by gentle fixation, permeabilization and subsequent co-staining with known intracellular markers. CD markers co-labeling the target population serve as positive markers, those absent on the target population serve as negative markers. In a separate, subsequent step, a combination of the identified positive and/or negative CD markers enables the flow cytometric enrichment of the viable population of interest from a heterogeneous cell suspension for further study and biomedical applications.

Figure 1