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A Template-Free, Ultra-Adsorbing, High Surface Area Carbonate Nanostructure

Figure 2

Synthesis of Upsalite.

i) In the first step MgO (s) is mixed with methanol under 3 bar CO2 pressure at 50°C. ii) After 2.5 h the HOMgOCH3 is formed in the solution, the pressure is lowered to 1 bar and the heating is turned off. At the same time the methanol reacts with the CO2 and forms CH3OCOOH (methyl hemicarbonic acid). iii) HOMgOCH3 reacts with CH3OCOOH and forms water and H3COCOOMgOCH3 (methyl esther of magnesium methyl carbonate). At this point the solution changes colour from white to light yellow. iv) H3COCOOMgOCH3 reacts with the water formed in step iii) and forms HOMgOCOOCH3 (or MgCO3·CH3OH) which upon v) heating at 70°C releases CH3OH and forms MgCO3.

Figure 2