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Light Scattering Properties Vary across Different Regions of the Adult Mouse Brain

Figure 4

Relating fiber punch-though measurements to brain atlas measurements.

4A: Image of a 300 µm coronal section of mouse brain stem, taken on a calibrated virtual microscopy system with monochromatic light. Areas with higher optical transmittance appear brighter on the image, while areas with lower transmittance appear darker. MNTB, VNTB, and LSO are outlined in red, orange, and yellow, respectively. 4B: Correlation in digital irradiance for brain areas tested with both the fiber punch-through and the virtual microscopy method. Digital irradiance was measured in six brain areas (MNTB (red), VNTB (orange), LSO (yellow), PPT (green), SC (light blue), and cerebellum (dark blue) with both the fiber punch through and the virtual microscopy technique. Results were normalized and plotted against each other. Each colored symbols represents the measurements from one brain area with two methods, the solid line indicates complete overlap between the measurements. The bars attached to each data point represent the standard error.

Figure 4