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The Requirement of WHIRLY1 for Embryogenesis Is Dependent on Genetic Background in Maize

Figure 6

Expression studies of Why1 gene in seedlings homozygous for why1-1, why1-2, or why1-3.

(A) Immunoblot analysis on WHY1 protein in the mutant leaf tissue. Total leaf extract of 10 µg protein, or dilutions as indicated were analyzed. The same blot was stained with Ponceau S. (B) RT-PCR analysis on WT seedling, and the albino seedlings of why1-1 and why1-3 using primers as indicated. TIR1, Mu2-F1, and Mu2-F2 primers are nested primers in Mu2. Arrows point to fragments recovered and sequenced. (C) The alternative spliced forms of the why1 gene in the albino seedlings homozygous for why1-1 or why1-3. The primer sites are indicated by arrows. Empty triangles are the spliced Mu element.

Figure 6