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Bibliometric Evidence for a Hierarchy of the Sciences

Figure 4

Estimates of regression analyses with, as dependent variable parameters hypothesised to reflect consensus and, as independent variables, scientific domains, weighted or corrected as described.

Bars are 95% confidence intervals, and lines are added to help visualize trends, with solid and dotted lines representing, respectively, main and extended test. Physical sciences are the reference category, and therefore have values set to zero. m = mathematics; bh = hard-biological disciplines (Molecular Biology + Biology & Biochemistry); bs = soft-biological disciplines (Plant and Animal Sciences + Environment/Ecology); s = social sciences (Psychiatry/Psychology+Economics & Business+Social Sciences, general), h = humanities. See methods for further details on Methods section, and for the exact regression results with standard error see Table S1. [Data sourced from Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge].

Figure 4