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LifeMap Discovery™: The Embryonic Development, Stem Cells, and Regenerative Medicine Research Portal

Figure 5

Cellular Development level and Cell Card Representation.

This figure demonstrates some of the comprehensive data provided for a single cell in the database. A. The cellular filter list, available at LifeMap Discovery, showing all available cellular developmental paths currently available in the database. This example demonstrates results from search of skeletal muscle-related cells; two selected cells with their developmental path annotation (e.g., Skeletal Muscle) are shown for simplification. B. ‘Cranial Neural Crest Cell’ (CNCCs) card shows the available information (e.g., gene expression) for these cells, accompanied by the interactive clickable graphical development viewer on the right. C. An example for a specific signal display- with a description (SHH), signal source, associated gene cascade and biological cellular outcome.

Figure 5