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Euoplocephalus tutus and the Diversity of Ankylosaurid Dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, and Montana, USA

Figure 12

Hindlimb elements.

TMP 1982.9.3 left femur in A) anterior, B) medial, and C) posterior views. D) AMNH 5266 right femur in posterior view. E) AMNH 5266 right tibia in anterior view. F) AMNH 5266 right fibula. ROM 813 left tibia in G) lateral and H) posterior views. AMNH 5404 right femur in I) anterior, J) medial, and K) posterior views, and right tibia in L) lateral and M) anterior views. N) AMNH 5404 right femur in distal view. O) TMP 1982.9.1 left femur in distal view. P) AMNH 5404 right tibia in distal view. Abbreviations: 4th, fourth trochanter; as, astragalus; ca, calcaneum; cn, cnemial crest; fh, femoral head; im, inner malleolus; lc, lateral condyle; le, lateral epicondyle; mc, medial condyle; om, outer malleolus.

Figure 12