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Euoplocephalus tutus and the Diversity of Ankylosaurid Dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, and Montana, USA

Figure 6

Cranial and mandibular anatomy.

A) AMNH 5337 in ventral view. AMNH 5405 in B) ventral and C) anterior views. D) TMP 1997.132.1 in ventral view. ROM 1930 in E) ventral and F) posterior views. G) ROM 784 (holotype of Dyoplosaurus acutosquameus) in ventral view. H) AMNH 5238 skull in ventral view. Right mandible of UALVP 31 in I) lateral view and J) medial view. Right mandible in lateral view of K) AMNH 5405 and L) AMNH 5403. Scale bars equal 10 cm. Abbreviations: alv, tooth alveolus; art, articular; bas, basioccipital; bpt, basipterygoid process; bs, basisphenoid; ch, choana; co, ciliary osteoderm; cor, coronoid; d, dentary; dpf, descending process of frontal; ee, ectethmoid; endo, endocranial cavity; fm, foramen magnum; inb, internarial bar; ls, laterosphenoid; ltf, laterotemporal fenestra; maca, mandibular caputegulum; meck, Meckelian groove; mnca, median nasal caputegulum; mx, maxilla; mx tom, maxillary tomium; nas apt, nasal aperture; nc, nasal canal; ns, nasal septum; nuc, nuchal crest; oc, occipital condyle; of, olfactory region of nasal canal; orb, orbit; orbs, orbitosphenoid; pal, palatine; pal apt, palatal aperture; para apt, paranasal aperture; parocc, paroccipital process; pmx, premaxilla; pmx n, premaxillary notch; pmx tom, premaxillary tomium; pnca, postnarial caputegulum; preart, prearticular; pro nas pmx, intranasal process of premaxilla; ps, parasphenoid (cultriform process); pt, pterygoid body; ptq, quadrate ramus of pterygoid; ptv, interpterygoid vacuity; ptw, pterygoid wing; q, quadrate; qh, quadrate head; qjh, quadratojugal horn; snca, supranarial caputegulum; socc, supraoccipital; spd, sulcus for predentary; spl, splenial; sqh, squamosal horn; sur, surangular; v, vomer.

Figure 6