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Euoplocephalus tutus and the Diversity of Ankylosaurid Dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, and Montana, USA

Figure 4

Cranial ornamentation patterns compared.

CMN 0210 is the holotype of Euoplocephalus tutus, CMN 8530 is the holotype of Anodontosaurus lambei, and ROM 784 is the holotype of Dyoplosaurus acutosquameus. Abbreviations: asca, anterior supraorbital caputegulum; frca, frontal caputegulum; laca, lacrimal caputegulum; loca, loreal caputegulum; mnca, median nasal caputegulum; msca, middle supraorbital caputegulum; nas apt, nasal aperture; nasca, nasal caputegulum; nuca, nuchal caputegulum; orb, orbit; pnca, postnarial caputegulum; prfca, prefrontal caputegulum; psca, posterior supraorbital caputegulum; qjh, quadratojugal horn; snca, supranarial caputegulum; sqh, squamosal horn.

Figure 4