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Habitat and Host Indicate Lineage Identity in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides s.l. from Wild and Agricultural Landscapes in North America

Figure 1

Bayesian majority rule consensus tree with support values (PP/ML-BS/MP-BS) for the combined analysis of nrITS, btub, apn2, and apn2mat/IGS.

Outgroup taxa (Coll57, Coll60, 3386, 4801, 4766) have been trimmed from the phylogram. Support values of 1.0 or 100% are represented with “*”. Terminals enclosed in shaded boxes represent sequence data from ex-type strains. Clades enclosed in red boxes contain isolates from Vaccinium macrocarpon in cultivated cranberry beds in North America. Clades enclosed in orange boxes contain isolates from host species sympatric with cultivated V. macrocarpon.

Figure 1