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Mitotic Spindle Defects and Chromosome Mis-Segregation Induced by LDL/Cholesterol—Implications for Niemann-Pick C1, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Atherosclerosis

Figure 10

Mitotic spindle structure disrupted by cholesterol.

(A) hTERT cells were treated for 24 hr with 4 µg/ml WsCh and the structure of the mitotic spindles observed and analyzed for abnormal DNA localization, lagging chromosomes, super-numerary centrosomes, and dis-arrayed microtubules. There was a significant increase in abnormal mitotic spindle structure induce by cholesterol exposure, with dis-arrayed microtubules and mis-localized DNA being the most prominent defects. (B) Examples of normal spindles in untreated cells and abnormal spindles in cholesterol-treated cells.

Figure 10