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Effects of Reduced Weight Maintenance and Leptin Repletion on Functional Connectivity of the Hypothalamus in Obese Humans

Figure 1

Increased functional connectivity in the reduced-weight maintenance with placebo injections comparison.

Brain areas showing significant increases in functional connectivity with the hypothalamic seed (indicated in green, upper right) are shown on standard space axial brain slices with the color indicating the Z score per the color gradient on the bottom. FP (Frontal Pole), SFG (Superior Frontal Gyrus), MGN (Medial Geniculate Nucleus), HC (Hippocampus),MFG (Middle Frontal Gyrus), ITG (Inferior Temporal Gyrus), supLOC (superior division of the Lateral Occipital Cortex), dorsal ACC (dorsal Anterior Cinqulate Cortex), IPL (Inferior Parietal Lobule).

Figure 1