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Agent-Based Models of Strategies for the Emergence and Evolution of Grammatical Agreement

Figure 1

The language game.

The situation contains three objects: which has the properties , , and , with properties , , and and with , , and . The speaker has chosen and as topic and expresses the set of distinctive properties , to identify and to identify . After vocabulary lookup the speaker finds that the word shuqfon covers , sizhic covers and iqvu covers . The utterance is therefore shuqfon iqvu sizhic. The hearer looks up these words in his own vocabulary and recovers , , , where , and are variables to be bound to objects in the situation model. In the current situation model, the hearer finds that the topic can be either (a) and (implying that and ) or (b) , , and (so that , , ), or (c) and (so that and )

Figure 1