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Endometrial Receptivity: A Revisit to Functional Genomics Studies on Human Endometrium and Creation of HGEx-ERdb

Figure 6

Immunofluorescent localization of CD36 and COMP proteins and their functional significance as assessed by in vitro spheroid attachment assays.

Panel A shows cytoplasmic localization of CD36 and COMP in RL95-2 and HEC-1A. Respective negatives controls stained with rabbit IgGs are shown in the insets. Magnification: 63X. Panel B displays percentage spheroids attached to RL95-2 cells, pretreated with antibodies against CD36 or COMP or both. Percent spheroids attached to RL95-2 cells pretreated with same concentration of rabbit IgG are also shown (p<0.0002).

Figure 6