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Computer Assisted Assembly of Connectomes from Electron Micrographs: Application to Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 2

Elegance output.

A. 2D map of the C. elegans neuron LUAL in the adult male [9]. The scale indicates section number (70–90 nm section thickness). The cell body (solid blue box) is in the left lumbar ganglion and is connected through a commissure to a process in the pre-anal ganglion which is dense with synapses. B. Enlargement of a small region of the LUAL map, showing branching architecture and locations of synapses; line thickness indicates synapse size (red: chemical input, magenta: chemical output, green: gap junctions). C. Portion of the adjacency matrix of chemical connectivity in the C. elegans male posterior nervous system [9], generated by Elegance and formatted in Excel. Pre-synaptic neurons to left, post-synaptic neurons at top, connection strength in number of serial sections.

Figure 2