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Systematic Transcriptome Wide Analysis of lncRNA-miRNA Interactions

Figure 4

A: Complete interaction network of lncRNA, miRNA and mRNA.

The interaction network wherein the experimental miRNA-mRNA interactions are represented in red nodes, the predicted miRNA-lncRNA interactions are represented in blue nodes and total miRNA-mRNA interactions represented as black nodes. B1: An interesting example from the network highlighted in orange showing interactions between of network highlighting miRNA: (a) hsa-mir-9; lncRNA: (d) ENST00000500197.2, (e) ENST00000509783.1, (f) ENST00000511014.1, (h) ENST00000505030.1, (i) ENST00000504246.1; mRNA: (b) ENST00000384838.1, (c) ENST00000262095.2, (g) ENST00000491143.1, (j) ENST00000226574 B2: Another interesting example from the network highlighted in blue showing interactions between miRNA: (1) hsa-miR-196a, (5) hsa-miR-196b*, (13)hsa- miR-196b; lncRNA: (4) ENST00000523790.1; (6) ENST00000489695.1, (12) ENST00000519935.1; mRNA: (2) ENST00000354032.4, (3) ENST00000384852.1, (7) ENST00000313173, (8) ENST0000024215, (9) ENST00000040584, (10) ENST00000304786.7, (11) ENST00000366839.4.

Figure 4