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Reverse Genetics Screen in Zebrafish Identifies a Role of miR-142a-3p in Vascular Development and Integrity

Figure 4

Overexpression of miR-142a-3p in zebrafish embryos induces vascular defects.

A – D - Confocal images (GFP and GFP/RFP merged) of 10 µM miR-142a-3p duplex injected Tg(fli1:EGFP, gata1a: dsRed) embryos at 2 dpf (Dorsal View of head) depicting dorsal midbrain junction (DMJ) and central arteries (CtA) (10× magnification). A, B - non-injected control embryos and C, D - 10 µM miR-142a-3p duplex injected embryos. A, C – GFP, B, D – GFP/RFP merged. Asterisk sign indicate the site of vascular defect.

Figure 4