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GLP2-2G-XTEN: A Pharmaceutical Protein with Improved Serum Half-Life and Efficacy in a Rat Crohn’s Disease Model

Figure 8

Allometric scaling human projection based on mouse, rat and monkey pharmacokinetic data.

Allometric scaling was performed by fitting a linear regression model with the log of animal mass as the X variable and log of terminal half-life as the Y variable. The resulting linear model was extrapolated to a 70 kg human to produce a predicted value. The terminal half-life in humans can also be estimated using the predicted values for clearance (Cl) and volume of distribution (Vd) in the formula T½ = 0.693×Vd/Cl. Applying this formula yields a predicted terminal half-life of 240 hours in humans, which agrees with the linear extrapolation.

Figure 8