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GLP2-2G-XTEN: A Pharmaceutical Protein with Improved Serum Half-Life and Efficacy in a Rat Crohn’s Disease Model

Figure 5

Efficacy of low dose GLP2-2G-XTEN treatment in rat indomethacin-induced disease model.

Data shown are effects on A) small intestine adhesions and B) small intestine trans-ulcerations. Treatment with GLP2-2G peptide (12.5 nmol/kg per injection; twice per day for 5 days) or GLP2-2G-XTEN (25 nmol/kg once daily or only once at the indicated doses) was initiated on Day −3 and sacrifice is on Day 2. Data are means and SE, n = 10 per group. * P<0.05 compared to diseased, vehicle-treated rats.

Figure 5