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Global Identification of Multiple OsGH9 Family Members and Their Involvement in Cellulose Crystallinity Modification in Rice

Figure 4

Correlation analysis among cellulase activity, lignocellulose crystallinity index and OsGH9 gene expression in four internodes of mutants (fc4 and fc11) and wild type (NPB) at booting stage.

(A) Observation of cellulase activity in situ of the 3rd internode tissues: The detection of cellulase activity in situ, and the bar indicated 50 µm. (B) Assay of in vitro cellulase specific activity (U. mg−1 protein) in four internodes tissues: Total proteins of four different internodes were used for in vitro cellulase assay by Markergene fluorescent Cellulase Assay Kit. (C) Lignocellulose crystallinity index (CrI) of four internodes tissues. (D) Correlation (n = 12) between cellulase specific activity and lignocellulose CrI among 12 internode samples of four stems in mutants (fc4 and fc11) and wild type (NPB). (E) Correlation coefficients (n = 12) between OsGH9B1, 3, and 16 transcript levels and cellulase specific activity or lignocellulose CrI.

Figure 4