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An Approach for the Identification of Targets Specific to Bone Metastasis Using Cancer Genes Interactome and Gene Ontology Analysis

Figure 8

The percentage of essential genes in the hubs and the corresponding non-hubs of CGN.

A. For hub definitions varying between Top25 to Top200, the hubs identified using degree (1, ‘red’), betweenness (2, ‘green’), and stress (3, ‘blue’) have significantly high percentage (82%–92%) of essential genes, classified using phenotypic data for Mouse Genome Informatics. Among the rest of the four parameters neighborhood connectivity (4) and topological coefficient (5) show neither significant nor consistent correlation with essential genes. Due to the nature of ‘clustering coefficient’ and ‘average shortest path length’ parameters, the data could not be binned at the same intervals. For clustering coefficient, percentage of essential genes among the nodes having up to Top200 rankings is in the range of 27% and 62%. For average shortest path length, the percentage of essential genes for nodes having ranking up to Top200 is 26%, worse than expected from random sampling. B. In the corresponding non-hubs, the percentage of essential genes is as expected from random sampling, regardless of the centrality measure or cut-off used for hub definition.

Figure 8