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An Approach for the Identification of Targets Specific to Bone Metastasis Using Cancer Genes Interactome and Gene Ontology Analysis

Figure 6

Hubs of CGN correlate with generic cancer genes (KEGG-PIC).

The hubs of CGN, identified using chosen network centrality parameters, correlate with the set of generic cancer genes (KEGG-PIC). For hub definitions varying between Top25–Top200, the CGN hubs (top ranked cancer genes) show good overlap with KEGG-PIC genes (filled circles). The correspondence of network centrality and generic role in cancers, expectedly, drops as the strictness of criterion used for identifying hubs is loosened. For the corresponding random samples, the overlap with KEGG-PIC is as expected (stars; error bars indicate standard errors from 1000 samples). The cancer genes with worst centrality rankings (open circles), show almost no overlap with generic cancer genes; worse than that expected from random samplings. Top75, Top50 and Top25 hubs, with 52%, 57% and 74% overlap with generic cancer genes, respectively, were further used for identification of SBC-specific cancer genes.

Figure 6