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An Approach for the Identification of Targets Specific to Bone Metastasis Using Cancer Genes Interactome and Gene Ontology Analysis

Figure 3

CGN, a representative protein interactome of cancer genes, Top75 hub genes and SBC-specific targets.

Cancer Genes Network (CGN) is a protein interactome of cancer genes embodying molecular mechanisms of cancers. Each node represents a cancer protein and an edge between two nodes represents a protein-protein interaction. The giant cluster comprises 89% of all cancer genes. The hubs of CGN, cancer genes central to the structural stability and information dynamics, are depicted in shades of red. The hubs encode genes involved in generic cancer mechanisms and those classified as essential using phenotypic data from Mouse Genome Informatics. 88% of these hubs are essential (‘dark red’) and the rest non-essential (‘light red’). SBC-specific targets, with ontological role in bone and metastasis processes, are highlighted in ‘green’.

Figure 3