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DNA-Interactive Properties of Crotamine, a Cell-Penetrating Polypeptide and a Potential Drug Carrier

Figure 3

Binding of d(CCG)8C to crotamine as a function of [NaCl].

A. Fluorescence titrations were performed in the standard buffer (0.02 M Hepes, pH 7.5, 0.0001 M EDTA) with the following [NaCl]: ▪, 0.01 M; ♦, 0.05 M; □, 0.075 M; ▴, 0.1 M. B. Reversal of 0.01 M titration by addition of aliquots of a concentrated solution of NaCl. [Na+] was calculated from the [NaCl] and the contribution of the other components of the buffer. The lines connect the points and are shown for clarity.

Figure 3