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The Structural Dynamics of the Flavivirus Fusion Peptide–Membrane Interaction

Figure 4

The fluorescence emission spectra of FLAG and the analyses of FLAG and FLAH interactions with different micelles.

(A) The fluorescence intensity emission spectra of FLAG in the absence (solid line) or presence of SDS (dashed line) and n-OGP micelles (dotted line) at pH 7.4. (B–E) Stern-Volmer plots of fluorescence quenching of FLAG and FLAH by acrylamide at 37°C in micelle-free buffer (triangles) or in the presence of different micelles (squares). Stern-Volmer plots for FLAG (B and D) and FLAH (C and E) in the presence of 10 mM SDS (B and C) and 40 mM n-OGP (D and E). The pH 7.4 data are shown as closed symbols, and the pH 5.5 data as open symbols. FP fluorescence was recorded at 349 nm (micelle-free buffer), 334 nm (in the presence of SDS micelles), and 346 nm (in the presence of n-OGP micelles).

Figure 4