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TRIP Database 2.0: A Manually Curated Information Hub for Accessing TRP Channel Interaction Network

Figure 1

A diagram of navigating the TRIP Database 2.0.

Users can browse the database based on TRP channel subfamilies or isotypes. If users choose to begin their search based on a specific TRP channel subfamily, they will get a summary of the subfamily, including general information (isotypes, amino acid sequences, or UniprotKB IDs) and PPI information, through the PPI summary matrix. If users choose to browse based on a specific TRP channel isotype, they will see lists of TRP channel PPI pairs. For example, the interface might provide one TRP channel with all of its interactors whereas in another instance all TRP channels with one interactor. Users also can start with a keyword search in the database or download the database contents in three formats.

Figure 1