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Structural and Functional Characterization of a Multifunctional Alanine-Rich Peptide Analogue from Pleuronectes americanus

Figure 2

Conformational changes of Pa-MAP evaluated by Far-UV circular dichroism in water, TFE and SDS environments.

(A) Pa-MAP CD spectra in water (dotted line), 28 mM SDS (dotted and dashed line) and 50% (by volume) TFE (continuous line). (B) Thermal and pH denaturation profiles of Pa-MAP. The symbols represent ▴ pH 3.0; ♦ pH 7.0; • pH 8.5 and ▪ pH 11.0. (C) Conformational hydrophobic effect of acetonitrile (v:v) on Pa-MAP. Molar ellipticity was monitored at 222 nm.

Figure 2