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Interactome-Wide Prediction of Protein-Protein Binding Sites Reveals Effects of Protein Sequence Variation in Arabidopsis thaliana

Figure 2

Overall performance of the SLIDERBio algorithm in different datasets.

(A–C) Coverage of protein-protein interfaces and Accuracy of predicted motifs. Each dot represents the result of SLIDERBio using one of the 180 tested sets of parameters, for (A) human, (B) yeast and (C) Arabidopsis structurally mapped subsets. The grey arrows indicate the dot corresponding to the result of the previous SLIDER algorithm. (D–F), Correlation of the performance for each of the SLIDERBio parameter settings is compared among datasets of different species: (D) human vs. yeast; (E) human vs. Arabidopsis; and (F) yeast vs. Arabidopsis. Pearson Correlation Coefficient (PCC) is indicated.

Figure 2