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Transcriptome Tomography for Brain Analysis in the Web-Accessible Anatomical Space

Figure 3

Validation of 3D mapped data.

(A) B* areas mapped in the ViBrism space. To compare datasets obtained from different anatomical contexts, areas selected for BrainStars analysis (B* areas; 500-µm-diameter spheres) were mapped onto the ViBrism space as shown in the website Video C ( (B) Comparison of the expression datasets of ViBrism 3D mapped data and BrainStars data in B* areas in a scatter plot. 3D mapped data re-calculated in the 46 areas for 17,155 gene probes were log-2 transformed and plotted against BrainStars expression intensity data. Despite two datasets were obtained from different anatomical contexts using different material preparation procedures and microarray platforms, good agreement was observed in a scatter plot (r = 0.73, p<1.0×10−12). (C) Coefficient of variance (CV) of the 3D-mapped data for each quantile window of the corresponding expression intensity values in the BrainStars dataset. For the each 0.02-quantile window of the BrainStars dataset, the CVs (standard deviation/mean of non-log transformed values) of the re-calculated 3D-mapped data were calculated and dotted.

Figure 3