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Transcriptome Tomography for Brain Analysis in the Web-Accessible Anatomical Space

Figure 2

Results for the computational experiment of reconstruction using 1,366 test spheres.

Gene expression that was evenly distributed in one of the test spheres located randomly in the virtual brain of ViBrism was computationally reconstructed (see Text S2 for Supporting Methods). A histogram for the number of test spheres with true positive rates (% of TP: percentages of test sphere volumes overlapped with the reconstructed area) is shown. Maps of the reconstructed results (shown in yellow) with the test spheres (in red) are attached. In 2D maps, the 80% cutoff filter was applied to the results of left-upper S panels; otherwise, the reconstructed densities are shown in gray scales. 3D maps are shown with the filter. Approximately one fifth (20.4%) of the test spheres had more than 95% of TP, which is the mode in the histogram, and 94.7% in total had at least 5% of TP as indicated. One of the mode results, the median result (TP = 80%) and one of the poorly reconstructed results (TP<5%) are shown. Only 0.8% of the test spheres resulted in no TP, which was mainly due to the peripheral location of the test spheres in the virtual brain (data not shown).

Figure 2