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Effects of Dentifrice Containing Hydroxyapatite on Dentinal Tubule Occlusion and Aqueous Hexavalent Chromium Cations Sorption: A Preliminary Study

Figure 1

Dentinal tubule occlusion of dentine discs after treatment.

(SEM, 5000×) (a, d) Dentinal tubules were empty without any occluding materials. (b, e) The majority of dentinal tubules were empty and a small number of dentinal tubules showed a sparse existence of occluding materials. The chunky occluding materials locate in the middle of the dentinal tubules with clear boundaries between the precipitate and dentin. (c, f) The majority of the dentinal tubules were blocked by materials. The occluding materials adhered to the dentinal wall with blurred boundaries between part of the precipitate and dentin.

Figure 1