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Abdominal Contents from Two Large Early Cretaceous Compsognathids (Dinosauria: Theropoda) Demonstrate Feeding on Confuciusornithids and Dromaeosaurids

Figure 6

Undigested filamentous integument within the abdominal cavity of Sinocalliopteryx gigas (JMP-V-05-8-01).

A, B; Enlargement of i in Figure 4. Filamentous integument showing central vein (arrow in A; grey lines in B). Black lines are margins between adjacent filaments. Note the stomach contents overlie the right dorsal rib (DrR) but are overlain by the left dorsal rib (DrL). C, D; Enlargement of ii in Figure 4. Tuft of filaments showing single point of origin (arrow). E; Enlargement of iii in Figure 4 showing scattered filamentous structures. Boxed area and interpretive illustration (F) shows a discrete association of parallel filaments similar to the barbs of an avian feather. Scale = 5 mm.

Figure 6