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Pentamers Not Found in the Universal Proteome Can Enhance Antigen Specific Immune Responses and Adjuvant Vaccines

Figure 5

Comparison of 5mer4 with other commercial adjuvants.

Groups of 3–4 BALB/c mice were immunized with H5N1-HA (50 µg) alone, H5N1-HA (50 µg) + 5mer4 (50 µg), H5N1-HA (50 µg) + CpG (10 µg), H5N1-HA (50 µg) adsorbed to Alhydrogel (450 µg), or “All” (H5N1-HA + 5mer4 (50 µg) + CpG (10 µg) + adsorbed to Alhydrogel (450 µg). Cellular immune responses were monitored 10 days post-immunization. Splenocytes were re-stimulated with H5N1-HA peptides pools and detected for IFN-γ secretion. The bars represent total pooled T-cell responses. Error bars represent ± SEM.

Figure 5