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Pentamers Not Found in the Universal Proteome Can Enhance Antigen Specific Immune Responses and Adjuvant Vaccines

Figure 4

Efficacy of 5mer4 in combination with HBsAg.

Exogenous 5mer4 (50 µg) was combined with a commercial Hepatitis B vaccine (Engerix-B, 1 µg). Control mice received the commercial vaccines without 5mer4. Serum was collected from vaccinated animals at 2 •, 4 ▪, 6 ▴, and 8 ▾ weeks post-immunization and evaluated in two-fold dilutions for detection by ELISA. Antibody levels were detected at OD450 nm. (a) Anti-HBsAg antibodies following vaccination with Engerix-B + 5mer4. (b) Anti-HBsAg antibodies following vaccination with Engerix-B alone. Inset displays the data within a more narrow y-axis range. The data represents the arithmetic mean titre ± SEM.

Figure 4