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Levels of Integration in Cognitive Control and Sequence Processing in the Prefrontal Cortex

Figure 5

Voxel tuning in Left lateral frontal and Left parietal Cortex, separately for the four conditions.

A: Distribution of number of voxels that were found to be tuned for one of the four conditions. Historgrams show the proportion of voxels that respond maximally to each condition. B: Tuning success measured by the comparison of mean beta values of voxels that were tuned for one condition against mean beta values of voxels of the other three conditions. C: Voxel tuning of each condition separately compared to the other three conditions. CG = contextual-cue and grammar-task, CC = contextual-cue and count-task, EG = episodic-cue and grammar-task, EC = episodic-cue and count-task. * … p<.05; ** … p<.01; *** … p<.001.

Figure 5