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Genetic Patterns of Domestication in Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) and Wild Cajanus Relatives

Figure 5

Population structure of cultivated Cajanus cajan.

Panel A, Weighted Neighbor-Joining tree depicting pairwise relationships between accessions. Colors denote the nature of individual accessions: Blue diamonds, cultivars and elite varieties; Pink diamonds, landraces; purple diamonds, ICRISAT reference material; Green diamonds, Core collection; Red diamonds, R-line; Orange diamonds, Minicore; Light green diamonds, Tropical; light blue, Indian; Light brown diamonds, Philipines. Genotypes with admixture between Indian and Tropical subgroups are designated by both light green and light blue diamonds. Panel B, population subdivisions with cultivated genotypes revealed by STRUCTURE. Green diamonds, genotypes with tropical distribution; blue diamonds, genotypes with an Indian sub-tropical distribution. Admixed genotypes are those with fractional membership in multiple groups. Likelihood values for each value of K are given in Table S4.

Figure 5