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Insulin Concentration Modulates Hepatic Lipid Accumulation in Mice in Part via Transcriptional Regulation of Fatty Acid Transport Proteins

Figure 6

In vitro inhibition of IRS mediated FATP expression leads to decreased TG accumulation.

FATP-2 mRNA after IRS-1 or IRS-2 siRNA knock-down at 0 (A) and (B)100 mU/ml of insulin. (C&D) FATP-5 mRNA expression under identical conditions. TG accumulation after IRS-1 or 2 siRNA knock-down at 0 (E) and (F) 100 mU/ml of insulin. (G) qPCR (bar graph) results of targeted gene knockdown using scrambled and IRS1 and IRS2 siRNA at 15 and 60 pmol concentration, respectively; efficient knockdown was confirmed by running PCR reactions on an agarose gel. (H) Illustration of insulin mediated bimodal response leading to steatosis. [ANOVA *P<0.05, **P<0.01 & ***P<0.001; not significant (ns), n = 3 per group, representative of three replicate experiments.]

Figure 6