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Sequence Comparisons of Odorant Receptors among Tortricid Moths Reveal Different Rates of Molecular Evolution among Family Members

Figure 3

Ratio of the relative amino acid differences per domain averaged for OR1, OR2 (Orco) and OR3 across Ctenopseustis obliquana, C. herana, Planotortrix octo, P. excessana and P. notophaea.

The ratio for each domain is the average of the number of amino acid differences divided by the number of expected differences. Expected differences were calculated by multiplying the length of the domain by the total number of differences per protein then dividing by the length of the protein. The ratio would be 1 if the amino acid changes occurred at the same rate across the entire protein. N-ter = N terminus; TM1-TM7 = transmembrane domains 1–7; IL1-3 = internal loops 1–3; EL1-3 = external loops 1–3; C-ter = C terminus. ND = not determined.

Figure 3