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Lipopolysaccharide O-Antigen Prevents Phagocytosis of Vibrio anguillarum by Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Skin Epithelial Cells

Figure 7

Bioluminescent imaging of V. anguillarum infections in rainbow trout.

Rainbow trout (20 g) were infected with V. anguillarum strains carrying pNQFlaC4-lac::lux by bathing in infected seawater. At 24 h and 48 h, fish were sacrificed and images of the fish were obtained as described in Materials and Methods. To image internal organs, one side of the fish was removed after the skin was imaged. To measure photons from the intestines, the contents were pushed out the anus and are indicated by a white arrow. A blue arrow indicates the spleen. Strains are designated by their mutation. Mutation designations followed by a C are complemented.

Figure 7