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Effect of AGM and Fetal Liver-Derived Stromal Cell Lines on Globin Expression in Adult Baboon (P. anubis) Bone Marrow-Derived Erythroid Progenitors

Figure 3

Roles of DNA methylation and development in modulation of γ-globin expression in AFT024 co-cultures. A.

Bisulfite sequence analysis of DNA methylation of the γ-globin 5′ promoter region in erythroid progenitors grown in methylcellulose media, liquid media, or in co-cultures containing the AFT024 stromal cell line. Five CpG sites numbered relative to the transcription start site were analyzed. Each row represents the sequence analysis of a single amplicon cloned within the pCR4 vector. Unmethylated sites (green), methylated site (red), polymorophic sites where no CpG is present (yellow). B. Effect of decitabine on globin chain synthesis (γ/γ+β) during erythroid differentiation of baboon BM progenitors in AFT024 co-cultures. Decitabine (5×10−7 M) was added to cultures on d7. Globin chain synthesis was analyzed on d11 and d14. C. Globin chain synthesis (γ/γ+β) during erythroid differentiation of human cord blood progenitors in AFT024 co-cultures.

Figure 3