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How to Minimize the Attack Rate during Multiple Influenza Outbreaks in a Heterogeneous Population

Figure 11

Cumulative attack rate of the whole population (CAW) under 28-days intervention with different levels of efficacy against different time triggers (start days of intervention, left) and population triggers (cumulative proportion of children infected, right).

The legend colour panel displays CAW. βAC = 0.01 * βAA; βCA = 0.01 * βCC (upper row); βAC = 0.1 * βAA; βCA = 0.1 * βCC (lower row). All other details are the same as Figure 10. Compared to Figure 10, it is notable that the J-shaped contours of Figure 10 are replaced by vertical minima in Figure 11. In other words, weak interventions that started early would not lead to the optimal outcome if its duration was short.

Figure 11