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Gametogenesis in the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas: A Microarrays-Based Analysis Identifies Sex and Stage Specific Genes

Figure 5

Expression profile of selected genes.

Expression of 14 genes was measured in individual gonad samples from Site 1 (Locmariaquer, Brittany, France) and Site 2 (Baie des Veys, Normandy, France). Are displayed, expression profiles obtained by real time qPCR (histograms, left axe) and microarray (crosses, right axe). Vertical bars represent standard deviation for microarray data (doted line) and real time qPCR (plain line). mRNA expression levels of the 14 genes estimated by real-time qPCR are relative to gapdh (expressed in AU). Microarray data are expressed in log center reduced normalized values. Are displayed, expression profiles obtained for a gene more expressed in stage 0 and stage 1 : unc-93 like protein [Genbank 686276], three genes that increase in expression over the course of both male and female gametogenesis: protein regulator of cytokinesis 1 (prc1) [Genbank AM861527], bloom syndrome protein homolog (mus309) [Genbank AM859057], G2/Mitotic-specific cyclin-B (cyclin B) [Genbank CU683817], centromere protein F (cenpf) [GenbankAM862170], four genes that increase in expression over the course of spermatogenesis: two unknown proteins [Genbanks AM864807 and AM857898], hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_118409 (bindin) [Genbank EF219429] and histone H4 [Genbank DW713865], and five genes that increase in expression over the course of oogenesis : vitellogenin-2 (vit-2) [Genbank CX069168], vitellogenin-6 (vit-6) [Genbank AB084783], forkhead box L2 (foxL2) [Genbank AM860211], nanos homolog 3 (nanos3) [Genbank CU994694] and regulator of chromosome condensation (rcc1) [Genbank CU996984]. The patterns of transcripts abundance detected for these genes in the array and by real time qPCR showed extremely similar profiles (R2 = 0.80). For microarray, only Site 1 samples are shown. Developmental stage (St3: stage 3; St2: stage 2; St1: stage 1; St0: stage 0) and sex (M: male and F: female) are indicated at the bottom of each figure. Bars represent standard deviation.

Figure 5