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Prezygotic Barriers to Hybridization in Marine Broadcast Spawners: Reproductive Timing and Mating System Variation

Figure 8

Pareto double Log10 plot of cumulative rank distribution of egg release.

Data were collected during 2 h sampling intervals over four neap tide periods in June and July 2009 (see text and Fig. 7). Summary results of the regressions are 1) Fucus spiralis: Log(y) = 2.853−0.476*Log(x), R2 = 0.981; 2) Fucus guiryi: Log(y) = 2.767−0.488*Log(x), R2 = 0.970, and 3) Fucus vesiculosus: Log(y) = 2.812−0.345*Log(x), R2 = 0.987.

Figure 8