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Visualization and Curve-Parameter Estimation Strategies for Efficient Exploration of Phenotype Microarray Kinetics

Figure 7

Visualization of group-wise representations of the four curve parameters lag phase (λ), slope (μ), maximum (A) and area under the curve (AUC).

The upper panels show the results from the preliminary calculation, a simple calculation of group means of confidence limits and point estimators. The groups, here the distinct pretreatments (cultivation times t1 to t9), are given on the y-axis. For orientation, the blue lines highlight the position of upper and lower limit of CIs from repetition no. 4 at t5, in analogy to Fig. 6. In the lower panels the 95% CIs for the differences of group means are represented. The set of user-defined comparisons was calculated for the point estimators of each of the four parameters lag phase (λ), slope (μ), maximum (A) and area under the curve (AUC). Since these are CIs for the differences between the means, a non-overlap with zero indicates a statistically detectable difference between the considered group means of the examined curve parameters.

Figure 7