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Visualization and Curve-Parameter Estimation Strategies for Efficient Exploration of Phenotype Microarray Kinetics

Figure 6

Comparison of point estimates and their 95% CIs for each of the four parameters lag phase (λ), slope (μ), maximum (A) and area under the curve (AUC), estimated for four technical replicates of respiration on well C08, in which the cells were additionally subjected to distinct pretreatments (cultivation times).

The upper panels show the plot of the respiration curves of E. coli DSM 18039 = K12 on well C08 when grown on solid LB medium for 16.75 h (t1), 18 h (t2), 19.33 (t3), 20.5 (t4), 21.92 (t5), 23.25 h (t6), 24.5 h (t7), 25.58 h (t8) or 40.33 h (t9), respectively, and subsequently measured on GEN III microplates™ in the PM modus over 91 h. The lower panels shows point estimates and 95% CIs for each of the four parameters from the spline approach. The blue lines highlight the position of the upper and lower limits of the CIs from repetition no. 4 at t5. A non-overlap of the CIs of different curves indicates a difference of a statistically detectable amount, and the distance between two intervals provides information about the expected minimum difference.

Figure 6