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Visualization and Curve-Parameter Estimation Strategies for Efficient Exploration of Phenotype Microarray Kinetics

Figure 4

Visualization of parametric fitting and model-free spline fitting for the two special cases from G11, the strains marked red (here left) and green (here right), respectively.

The raw colour intensities (black circles), measured over time (x-axis, hours) were fitted by both a parametric model (thick blue line) and a model-free spline (thick red line). The thin dashed lines indicate the maximum slope of each approach (thin dashed black line corresponds to the model fitting approach, the thin dashed red line to the spline, respectively). In the left panel the irregularity is better customized by the spline fit, whereas the model straightens it with the consequence of underestimating the maximum height (A). In case of (almost) no respiration (right panel), the fitted model apparently yielded biologically reasonable parameter estimates for µ but not for λ. In contrast, the spline approach exhibited overfitting and yielded overestimated µ and also overestimated, but biologically meaningful λ. Note the particularly broad CIs for these parameter estimates in Fig. 3.

Figure 4