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Visualization and Curve-Parameter Estimation Strategies for Efficient Exploration of Phenotype Microarray Kinetics

Figure 1

Visualization of PM curves as heat maps via the function levelplot() as a re-implementation of the approach of Jacobsen et al. (2007) in R.

Each respiration curve is displayed as a thin horizontal line, in which the curve height as measured in OmniLog® units is represented by color intensity (darker parts indicate higher values). The x-axes correspond to the measurement time in hours. The upper part shows an overview of two plates. Here, the descriptions of the y axes (only visible if enlarged, but see below) list the names of the wells; the descriptions of the x axes list the measurement time in hours. The boxes below represent magnified parts of the upper panel to illustrate the color changes in the case of decreasing color intensities (regions surrounded by black ellipses) or technical problems such as short-term intermediate peaks (positions marked by eight-pointed stars).

Figure 1