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Interactivity and Reward-Related Neural Activation during a Serious Videogame

Figure 5

In-game neural response associated with post-gameplay attitude toward chemotherapy.

(a) Individual differences in attitudes toward chemotherapy measured immediately after the interactive gameplay session in the active play group were associated with increased activation in several brain regions including a subregion of the left parahippocampal cortex (threshold p<.001, uncorrected, in whole-brain analysis). (b) The strength of this relationship was quantified by correlating individual average response following gameplay onset (measured at empirical peak response 6 sec after gameplay onset in a 6 mm VOI centered on the empirical response focus) with post-play attitudes toward chemotherapy. (c) The same general region of left parahippocampal gyrus also showed significantly greater activation in the active play group following gameplay onset than in the passive observation group (threshold p<.001, uncorrected).

Figure 5